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Oshawa’s one-stop-shop for repairs to your Sony Playstation game console. Whether a PS3, PS4 or PS5, we can troubleshoot and diagnose your issue and provide you with an estimate or recommendations.

Playstation 5 overheating? Let us do a clean! Also, try to keep your PS5 system horizontal – sitting flat. There is sometimes an issue with heat causing loose connections and when it is vertical those connections fail. Having it sit horizontal will help avoid that issue.

Playstation 4 storage out of space? We can replace the drive and increase your storage! Use an SSD and say goodbye to long loading times!

  • Overheating issues – clean system, or replace fan(s)
  • Harddrive Storage Full – replace drive with SSD for speed and increase your space!
  • Thermal Paste replacement
  • PS5 Controller Stick Drift Fix
  • PS4 Controller Stick Drift Fix
  • Controller buttons sticky? Clean or replace!
  • Battery in controllers